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Riding A River Of Fire
Posted by Purple_Dave on September 6, 2002 at 10:18 PM CST:

Someone once asked why TAHU is always the one standing in the forefront in all of the TOA group shots. It's most likely because red stands out a lot more than any of the other colors used in the TOA sets. Unfortunately, the PROTODERMIS armor covers up a lot of the red parts and combined with the swords, they make him look a bit more colorless than I'd like.

I'm not really fond of the new Magma Sword. I realize it needed some extra width if it was going to be used as a surfboard, but I've never really liked the idea of jumbo, oversized swords. The original Firesword looked like a stylized way to represent a sword that was actually made out of fire. These new swords look like swords with a flame motif strapped to the back edge.

They can be removed from his hands and attached to the sides of one foot to form the surfboard, and the other foot rests on the surface. Now, if you want him to look like the stereotypical "cool surfer", you should have him standing on the back half of the board, as can be seen above. If, however, you want him to look like a real surfer who actually knows what he's doing, you should have him standing on the front half of the board.

This is a very interesting design. Once again, it's obviously built around the original HAU design, as you can see the similar side profile, the same "mouth" pit, and the forehead hole is even incorporated into the design. The changes have the result of making it look like a combination of the original HAU, Darth Vader's helmet, and a Klingon.

It almost looks more like he's surfing a wall of flame than a wave of molten rock.

Cannister front