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Ribbit Ribbit!
Posted by Purple_Dave on June 16, 2002 at 02:10 PM CST:
This is my modified version of the GHEKULA, from the Build It section of the online LEGO? Club.

The biggest complaint that I had with it was how the BOHROK faceplate could just flop open and send the KRANA flying, so I added a couple of the perpendicular connectors used to attach the hips on all of the BOHROK VA except GAHLOK VA, and one of the #3-length light-grey loose pins used to attach the faceplates on the BOHROK. Since the hip-joints on the back legs are attached with #3 plus-rods, all you have to do is slide them out a bit to attach this rig. As you can see below, this design allows the faceplate to open up like normal, though there really isn't anything to trigger it like on a BOHROK.

I also didn't like the widely varied coloration, so I swapped out the light-grey brainpan with a green one from LEHVAK VA and a PAHRAK XA replaced the GAHLOK XA, resulting in a nice uniformly green back. Well, except for those black BOHROK skull pieces. And the blue GAHLOK torso pieces. (Hey, as soon as LEGO? makes green GAHLOK hand-shields, I'm swapping out all of the blue parts...)

Anyways, I also swapped out the LEHVAK eye used for the mouth lever with a TAHNOK eye, which blends in a lot better. Also, since I had left an open spot in the middle of the peak of the back, I stuck a pair of green 1x3 flat liftarms in to replace the faceplate mount, so the back doesn't squeeze together anymore.

I also found that the skull pieces used to form the lower jaw tend to drift inward, so another pair of those green 1x3 flat liftarms helped out there as well. However, since I actually have better uses for those, I ended up replacing them with a single black 1x1x3 liftarm (used for BOHROK VA hips) which works just as well, since you can't really see it anyways.

Finally, a second LEHVAK VA brainpan fixes the coloration of the jaw, and a TURAGA hand with a piece of Darth Vader's lightsaber gave me a tongue that's not only longer, but more symmetrical. Besides, if I want, I can always add on a few more lightsaber pieces to extend the length of it quite a bit.

Cannister front