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Review: Toys "R" Us Collector Case
Posted by Mark on November 12, 2001 at 01:10 AM CST:
While the Toys "R" Us KANOHI Collector Case is generally well-put-together, there are some design flaws. The case provides some limited protection for the masks, provided that you can put them in. My biggest gripe is that, other than for the smallest masks, the pockets won't hold the masks without being significantly stretched. The AKAKU masks are almost impossible to get into the pockets.

Some people do not like the layout. There are two rows of six, followed by seven rows of seven, and then finally two more rows of six. I personally do not mind the layout per se, but I cannot understand why they supply 74 stamps and only 73 pockets! They could have easily added four more pockets. The space is there, they just did not sew them in.

Speaking of stamps, the stamps are the best part of the Collector Case, in my estimation anyway. At 13.5" x 7", the stamp sheet makes a very nice mini-poster/mask reference. Note: Although they look like stamps or stickers, they do not have any adhesive on the back.

If you want to easily carry around your mask collection, and you have 73 or fewer masks, this case might just be the way to go. I'd recommend you use eleven rows of six, and then put your HAU masks (including the Infected) in that "extra" column of seven pockets. Leave the Copper HUNA at home!

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