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Retro News: December 1-10 2002
Posted by Richard on December 13, 2013 at 10:54 PM CST:
The Mask Of Destiny retro news collects links to past news articles and posts them within a few days of that article's anniversary. Due to changes in the publishing software, the articles no longer appear as they did back when they were first published. Many of the websites we linked to in those articles are under new ownership or out simply of service. I cannot remove these dead or less than reputable links without removing the original author's credit, so I have left most of them unedited. Please keep this in mind when viewing the retro news links.

December 1st 2002

Market Watch: 14 Kt Solid Gold HAU Up For Sale
**Just to be clear, this auction ended over 10 years ago

December 2nd 2002

One Who Boxes

December 3rd 2002

Market Watch: BOHROK PENS At LEGO? Kiosks
**Related image.

December 4th 2002

Er, Um, Card Nuva?

December 5th 2002

Market Watch: Mall Markdowns

December 6th 2002

One Who Hollers
**Related image.

Market Watch: We Bid You A Foam Farewell...


December 7th 2002

Please Don't Pet Or Feed The TAHNOK

December 8th 2002

And The Winner Is...

December 9th 2002

Brick Talk: Speedreading

December 10th 2002

Six More!


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