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Retro News: August 1-7 2001
Posted by Richard on August 8, 2012 at 11:06 AM CST:
I want to give a big thanks to forum member Matoro for the retro news idea I used last month to celebrate Mask Of Destiny's anniversary. I had planned just to do it for the month of the anniversary, since I was making a new post for each retro article, but Im going to try and make it a regular weekly thing, a single post like todays linking to the articles posted during that week.

August 2nd 2001

Toys "R" Us BIONICLE? Poster Promotion

5000 Served, And Counting

August 4th 2001

A Review Of The MANAS Set#8539

Squashing Rumors

Don't Forget The Ussal Wax

August 5th 2001

TRU Poster Date Confusion

MATA NUI's Most Wanted

August 6th 2001

A Trip To LEGOLAND? California

All The Toys "R" Us Promotion Details Have Arrived

August 7th 2001

Dark TOA Project

Forum link.

Cannister front