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Who is your favorite Toa?


Redesigned TOA
Posted by Purple_Dave on September 23, 2001 at 03:52 PM CST:
Rich Weld, who I met in college, is a pretty wierd guy. Not half as wierd as myself, but wierd nonetheless. I didn't think there were any AFOLs that really cared much for the THROWBOT arms, but apparently he does. He redesigned all of his TOA with THROWBOT arms for their left arms, gave them all TURAGA heads, and did some heavy modifications on four of them. Oh, and he did an Evil JALA.

TAHU didn't get much in the way of modifications. It's just the head and arm treatment.

ONUA also got left mostly in original shape, though for some reason he's missing his MASK.

POHATU is where we start seeing some serious rework. The torso has been flipped so that it matches the other five, and the KAKAMA has been replaced with an AKAKU. In addition, he has been outfitted with a chainsaw so he actually has a weapon hooked up to the gear system.

GALI only got a small extra modification, with an over-the-shoulder spear launcher. The trans-blue spears come from FROST, one of the ROBORIDERS.

LEWA got a KAKAMA to replace his MIRU, and a nasty looking scorpion-esque tail. I'm not positive, but I believe the green katanas come from SWAMP, also a ROBORIDER.

KOPAKA has had his AKAKU replaced with a MIRU, and has a flip-up pair of wings on his back.

Evil JALA is a simple, yet expensive TOHUNGA modification. You need the legs from HAFU (CD set, $15) the torso/arms from ONEPU (McD's Happy Meal, approx $2 but limited to North America) and an INFECTED HAU (could run you around $80 in KANOHI packs to find one)

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