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Reader Questions Answered
Posted by Purple_Dave on January 3, 2002 at 11:04 AM CST:
If you've lost instructions to a LEGO? set, or if you've lost or broken a part (or if your set was missing a part when you bought it), you can call LEGO? Consumer Affairs at 1-800-422-5346 and they will try to replace it for you. They keep a stock that runs back about 5 years, so if you're looking for something that they haven't made in that long, you probably won't have much luck, but all of the BIONICLE? stuff should be in stock. Sometimes they will require a replacement charge for stuff that you've lost or broken after buying the set, but they will let you know if there is one when you call in.

And the MSRP's for the first wave of 2002 BIONICLE? products are as follows:

$7.99 - BOHROK
$2.99 - BOHROK VA
$1.99 - KRANA Packs

I can tell you right now that I'm thrilled to find out that all of these rumors of $2. 99 KRANA Packs are false, because funding the KANOHI 72-set was expensive enough.

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