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RETRO NEWS: It Takes A Village...........
Posted by Richard on July 24, 2012 at 10:34 PM CST:
Authured by Mark Durham on July 24th 2012

Get ready to eat nothing but hamburgers and McNuggets in September!!

Starting September 7th and running through September 27th, you'll be able to collect six different VILLAGER figures when you purchase a Happy Meal at McDonald's!

The villagers available are :
HUKI ( with dark orange KANOHI KAKAMA)
ONEPU (with purple color KANOHI PAKIRI)
MAKU(with bright blue KANOHI HUNA)
MATORO (with sand blue KANOHI AKAKU)
JALA (with yellow color KANOHI HAU)
KONGU (with blue green KANOHI MIRU).

These six figures account for six of the mystery masks! Definitely must haves.

There is also going to be a special BIONICLE? comic book during the promotion.

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