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"QUEST FOR MAKUTA" Board Game News
Posted by Mark on February 7, 2003 at 12:00 AM CST:
OK, calling it "News" is a bit of a stretch because it is old news. The "QUEST FOR MAKUTA" game is now available in a Collector's Tin box. Unlike the "Creator" game, which differs internally between the "Deluxe Collector's Tin" version and the regular boxed version, there appear to be no internal differences between the tin and boxed versions of "QUEST FOR MAKUTA."

Shown at the top of this story are the two sides of the "TOUR EXCLUSIVE ALTERNATE ENDING" board. This board was given away during the 2002 "Power Lies Beneath" van tour. Apparently the tour ends at the LEGO? Imagination Station in Downtown Disney California, because that is where this particular board came from.

The board adds an additional challenge to the end of the game. Instead of placing the MAKUTA challenge board into the game when drawn, this alternate ending board takes its place.

Using this alternate ending board, after defeating MAKUTA the player must then go on to their "secret destination". The first player to reach their secret destination wins. This obviously extends the game play somewhat, and could extend the game extensively if the MAKUTA challenge board appears early on in the game.
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