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Purple Dave's Report
Posted by Purple_Dave on August 18, 2001 at 10:32 AM CST:
I hit Meijer first, since they were scheduled to run their event from 10 to noon. At 9:55 I did a full walk of the store and I didn't see any large gatherings of people or special tables. I stopped by the front desk and they directed me back to the toy section. When I got there, I saw a Tahu aisle-sign that hadn't been there before, and a store employee was setting out a bag full of TOA KANOHI. I was third in line and got a Trans-Black KAUKAU and a TAHU poster. The KANOHI that they had looked like it ranged through the entire run of 36 GREAT MASKS, but no NOBLE MASKS were included. The posters are giant versions of the mini-posters that come in the TOA cans, with a few minor differences. Instead of having the web address under the BIONICLE? logo, they have "Find The Power" written in the BIONICLE? symbol-text. The LEGO? logo is in the lower left corner instead of the lower right, and the TECHNIC? logo in the lower right has been replaced by that funky BIONICLE? symbol that looks like a cross between a "B" and an "8". Also missing is the strip of TOA pictures across the bottom edge. The full-size poster is the same size as the TRU KANOHI poster.

I was starting to wonder if other stores besides Meijer and Wal-Mart were going to be running promos today, so I decided to hit every major toy store before heading home. I also collect Star Wars? action figures, so doing regular toy runs is a very common occurance.

K-Mart was the next place I hit, and while I didn't see any promotion setup, they did finally get KANOHI packs in, which means all five major toy stores in my area have finally gotten some in.

Target and Toys"R"Us were my next stops, and no sign of any promotions there either. I didn't expect TRU to have any, since their next publicized event is the Sept. 8th COPPER MASK OF VICTORY giveaway.

Wal-Mart was the last stop, and I checked around and failed to find any promotion setup. I asked around and they aren't running one at this store, which doesn't really surprise me since they have the most pathetic BIONICLE? stock in town, with less than half a dozen TOA cans and about four RAHI sets total. They have been slowly restructuring their toy department for about a month now, so that might have something to do with the lack of product and the non-participation in the promotion. I was rather disappointed as I was looking forward to flinging KANOHI with ONUA for prizes.

Anyways, since I only have the TAHU poster, I would be interested in trading KANOHI for posters, or maybe even buying them. If you have any that you don't really want, e-mail me.

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