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Pricecuts For Everyone!
Posted by Purple_Dave on March 5, 2002 at 09:28 PM CST:
A few people have written in about K-Mart and Walgreens LEGO? sales, so I stopped off at both stores yesterday and picked up copies of the ad flyers. I planned to scan them at work today, but we had a leak that 'inconvenienced' the computer that the scanner was hooked up to, so I had to cheat and photograph the ads at home. They turned out a lot better than I expected.

On the left we have the K-Mart ad, which reads as follows:

LEGO?. Buy one at the reg. price and get the second one (of equal or lesser value) at 50% OFF the reg. price.

Thanks to MoD reader Rodger Yeats for that tip.

And on the right we have the Walgreens ad, which says:

2/$5 Sale priced! REG. $2.99
Choice of LEGO? Dinosaurs or TECHNIC? BIONICLE? Robot.

Thanks to MoD readers Jordan Ladikos, Joseph Goodkind, and Ducky for that tip.

The image shows the small boxed brick-built Dinosaurs (which do retail for $2.99) but it also shows the TAHU and POHATU cans. I can only assume that the person who put together the ad made a mistake, since we all know the TOA don't sell for $2.99, but Ducky said they honored the ad anyways. If your local Walgreens has not posted a retraction, they are probably legally required to honor their ad, which clearly shows both TAHU and POHATU. Since the other four are not pictured, they probably don't have to let you buy those sets at the listed sale price. Also, since the ad text does not specify which BIONICLE? sets the ad covers, you might be able to score some of the BOHROK VA at that price as well.

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