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Press Kit Part I
Posted by Purple_Dave on January 13, 2002 at 09:04 PM CST:
First, we have the mailer box, which has a rather odd shape to it. The side shown in the middle of the above picture is 7.5" top to bottom, and the ones immediately above and below it are just over 2". The two sides not shown are about 6.5". From the side it almost looks like a square with one corner missing, but none of the sides meet at a right angle. There is a cutout in the shape of the BIONICLE? word on the box itself, and a cardboard plate on the inside with a piece of black paper taped to one surface which has the actual word printed on it. When I first saw it, I thought it was big enough to hold six BOHROK cans, but I've since compared the sizes and realized that it wouldn't hold more than four, and even then it would be really tight.

Perhaps the most interesting item in the press kit is the Artist Proof of the 4th comic book. The pages are all printed in 1:1 scale, but they are centered on glossy white 8-1/2"x11" sheets of paper, which are then 3-hole punched and bound between two very thick cardboard covers. Shown above is a scan of the first page, which shows what would be the front cover of the finalized comic book. In the lower right corner you can see a stamp in red ink which says:

______ ____

Typically, this would be the point where the artist would sign/initial and date the proof to approve it for printing, except there wasn't much point in doing so if it wasn't going to end up at the printer.

Next we have a mini-comic, which measures about 3-1/4" tall by 2 1/4" wide when folded up and sealed. While this came packed seperately, I would guess that it is supposed to be packed in with the BOHROK sets. There is a sealer flap that holds the one edge from unfolding, and if you look at the left edge of the above image, you can see where the adhesive was applied. Within, there are nine pages of tiny comic story, followed by a few promotional images. I just noticed that the final 2-page spread shows the box and CD-ROM for the now cancelled PC game. It also shows some of the RACERS sets that are utilizing some of the BIONICLE? weapons. Of particular interest is the fact that the 8468 set comes with two dark-grey GALI hooks.

Here we have the back cover for the BOHROK instruction booklets. Not much new here, but it does have what are perhaps the clearest images of the KRANA to see print so far, mostly due to the fact that they are shown in 3:4 scale.

And lastly, for this batch is an freebie bonus item that doesn't really have anything to do with the impending BOHROK release. It's a transparent oval-shaped sticker with a black Double 'B' image. It doesn't really show up very well, but the five shapes in the Double 'B' logo are outlined with a think white line, though the rest of the black printing has no such outline.
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