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Press Kit Part II
Posted by Mark on January 13, 2005 at 04:08 PM CST:
Yes, three years to the day after "Press Kit Part I" we bring you "Press Kit Part II". If you don't remember and can't guess from the picture above, we are talking about the BOHROK Press Kit.

Why now? 1) We don't have any other press kit to talk about at the moment, 2) I only recently acquired this press kit myself, 3) It contains one of the very few CD-ROMs I have not previously reviewed, and 4) It is the Third Anniversary of the Part I article.

So now that you know "Why", here comes the "What". Purple Dave covered most everything in the Press Kit three years ago except for the CD-ROM, a look at the top secret "B.U.G.S." project which we all know as the BOHROK. The slip-cover for the CD is pictured above. There are six images and two movies stored on the CD. The two movies are the same except for their sizes (one large, one small).

Above are the six images of the BOHROK and their respective KRANA. (Click on any of the pictures above to see the larger images.)

I have selected a few still frames from the larger movie for you to examine:

You might be able to make out the TOA shape at the top and the MATORAN shape beneath that in the first picture. The next two pictures are close-up details from the lower part of the first image. The last picture is a ghostly x-ray preview of the KRANA, called "Power Brains".

If you would like to view the movie yourself, I have linked the smaller movie (7.4 MB) to the image below:

Can you tell you will need QuickTime to view the movie?

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