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Poster Of The Day
Posted by Mark on April 23, 2003 at 12:00 AM CST:
As I noted last fall, I went to the first Zany Brainy? event on October 18, 2002 and received the TAHU NUVA and KOPAKA NUVA poster. The next week, I was unable to attend the event and went into Zany Brainy the following day instead. A helpful salesrep who knew absolutely nothing about the TOA NUVA events or posters was kind enough to bring me not the Week 2 poster, but the poster shown above. At the time, I was not absolutely positive that this poster wasn't the Week 2 poster, so I happily took it home.

I returned to Zany Brainy for the Week 3 event. As at the Week 1 event, there did not seem to be anyone of eligible age to participate in the event. After a while, I asked another sales rep if I could have the Week 3 poster. She gladly obliged, but did not know which TOA NUVA poster went with which week and so brought them all out.

Having verified that I did indeed receive the wrong poster the previous week, I was able to strike a deal with the salesperson and take home the two posters from Week 2 and Week 3. So that is why I don't know which poster goes with which week.

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