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Poster Of The Day
Posted by Mark on April 19, 2003 at 10:15 PM CST:
Today's poster is the last of the book covers. This is the other TOA NUVA group of three: LEWA NUVA, GALI NUVA, and KOPAKA NUVA. These book covers were provided to select schools for the 2002?2003 school year and were usually distributed through their libraries. I received this one courtesy of Cover Concepts, along with a bunch of others just like it to give away. Details on how to get one for yourself are included below.

This book cover is the same size (16?" x 22", 410 mm x 550 mm) as the other TOA NUVA book cover from 2002 shown yesterday. It has the same 2" strip advertising the exclusive DC Comic Book #8 previously available from Toys "R" Us with any TOA NUVA purchase. The "coupon" was not necessary to get the comic book, but it is perforated anyway.

Included on the book cover is information about the three TOA NUVA and their tools, a brief pictorial synopsis of how they changed from TOA to TOA NUVA, a picture of the TOA NUVA KAITA, and the by-now-familiar decoder.

Update: Here are the details on how to get this book cover and/or any of the previous book covers and poster featured in "Poster Of The Day" this week.

I don't want to run afoul of the law, so if you want any of the book covers or poster (hereafter "posters") you need to be an adult or get a parent or guardian to assist you. I won't be keeping any email addresses or mailing addresses for any purpose other than fulfilling your poster request. The posters are free, but you will need to provide for shipping in one of the following ways:

  • A self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE). Each poster is approximately one ounce and can be folded to fit into a standard business-size (9.5" x 4.125", 240 mm x 150 mm) #10 envelope. If you only want one poster, you live in the US, and you don't mind if the poster is folded, you can send a SASE with a First-Class stamp ($0.37) to "Posters, PO BOX 981, DRAYTON SC 29333". Each additional poster will need $0.23 additional postage, but you will probably need a bigger envelope if you want more than two posters.

  • If you reside in the US and want your poster(s) rolled instead of folded, for $6.00 I can provide a poster tube and mail your poster(s) via Priority Mail to you. I can accept cash, checks, money orders, or non-credit card PayPal. Email me at the email address below for further details if you wish to choose this option.

  • If you live outside of the US, contact me via the email address below and we will work something out. You may wish to visit The United State Postal Service website to estimate shipping expenses in advance.

It is important that you let me know which poster(s) you want. I'm limiting requests to one of each style of poster until all requests have been filled. Before you send anything to me through the mail, send an email to to reserve your poster(s). I will let you know then if I can fulfill your request and reserve your poster(s) for you.
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