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Pensa-KAHU: Wings Of Green
Posted by Purple_Dave on August 18, 2001 at 09:18 PM CST:
I've updated the hints file here, if you need some help. I've also turned all the hint text white, so you won't see anything you don't want to.

There are a few interesting things I've discovered. One is that HAFU, the TOHUNGA carving the street-signs in the middle of the PO-WAHI desert, looks to be a 'twin' of TAIPU, the TOHUNGA digging to LE-KORO, so if you don't mind dropping another $15 on a simple TOHUNGA model, you can have them both on display. If you can tell them apart...

It seems really wierd that this update would come now, as not only does the date-time code not match the calander, but the red star isn't in the middle of the next constellation. Evidentally the calander events don't necessarily correspond to all site updates.

The secondary model of the NUI-JAGA set doesn't have any MASKS attached. I thought this was rather unfair for a RAHI model, as it is impossible for a TOA model to defeat it, but it turns out that it's called a KAHU and the LE-KORNAN version of the Air Force flies them in battle against the NUI-RAMA. The specific model shown in the instructions looks to be the one flown by KONGU and yourself. The ones flown by other LE-KORNAN TOHUNGA look to have a different construction and are significantly smaller. Anyways, a lot of people have been wanting the tame RAHI that aren't wearing INFECTED KANOHI to be produced as sets, and it looks like LEGO? slipped one in under everybodies' noses.

Finally, if you're wondering how to build LEWA's giant bug-friend, it's the secondary model to the NUI-RAMA set.

Oh yeah, and the guys who put this website together put in a really strange arrangement of Wagner's RIDE OF THE VALKYRIES for the take-off scene.

UPDATE: It's 2am and I just typed in an e-mail that made me notice something. The USSAL CRAB that you can ride between PO-WAHI and ONU-KORO is standing near a sign that says, "Taxi crabs". Taxi crabs. Taxi cabs. I don't believe I never noticed that before. I guess I was so excited by the utter coolness of the USSAL design and my desire to own a purple one distracted me too much to notice that.

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