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Packing Power
Posted by Purple_Dave on July 26, 2001 at 06:48 PM CST:
The most notable thing is the chrome HAU that is displayed prominently in the window. If you search around enough on the CD, you'll find out that this MASK is actually called RUA, the silver MASK OF VALOR, and it combines the powers of Strength, Speed, and Shielding. Those happen to be the powers bestowed by the MASKS worn by ONUA, POHATU, and TAHU. Perhaps we'll see one that combos the powers of the other three GREAT MASKS.

According to the info page I saw, RUA is worn by WAIRUHA, the TOA KAITA formed by TAHU, ONUA, and POHATU. According to the info on the mini-CD that comes with the TOA sets, that TOA KAITA is actually called AKAMAI and WAIRUHA is formed by GALI, LEWA, and KOPAKA.

The TOHUNGA that comes included is HAFU, a villager from PO-KORO, the village of Stone. He comes with a black version of WHENUA's RURU MASK and a black disc with a picture of the HAU MASK.

The interactive CD has three music tracks. I'm not sure exactly what type of music it is, but it might be techno. Also included is an installable program that has surfable pages with info on POHATU, ONEWA, HAFU, and the six GREAT MASKS. There is also a very simple quiz that can lead you to a webpage with a contest entry for one of five 14 karat solid gold HAU MASKS, and the six videos from the TOA mini-CD are included, though the duplicated end-segment is split off from the six different videos and added to a new video segment.
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