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Who is your favorite Toa?


One Who Wanders
Posted by Purple_Dave on May 1, 2002 at 12:02 AM CST:
Considering he's probably the most famous MATORAN in the storyline, there sure is a lot of confusion as to exactly how TAKUA is supposed to be constructed. His very first appearance was as the default character in the first GBA game. Back in October, we posted a clip sent to us by Golden Kanohi that briefly shows him as he was originally intended to look. And currently he's impossible to build without the assistance of paint. It turns out that he's actually correct in his cameo in the Backlot game, with a primary blue PAKARI, yellow arms, red legs, and tan torso.

Now, if you're leaning more towards the MNOLG version, just take a JALA and swap the HAU for a PAKARI in either shade of blue, depending on your taste and what color it appears to be on your computer screen. Until we get yellow MATORAN arms (or an official TAKUA set... *coughHINTcough*), I'm sticking with the MNOLG body and a primary blue PAKARI. Anyways, I included a couple of reference shots in the background of the image above.

But wait! There's more! I wasn't satisfied with just TAKUA, so I made a backpack for him. I've heard that some people think it looks like a RURU has been strapped to his back, but the backpack doesn't really look much like the MNOLG RURU shape. Anyways, not having any blue parts to work with, I had to build my backpack out of black parts, and the overall look feels more like a hiking backpack than the little rucksack that he totes around, but it's better than nothing. If I ever buy a second Jango Fett set, I might strip some of the sea-blue parts out of it to redesign it.

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