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Entertainment Earth

One Who Speaks
Posted by Purple_Dave on May 5, 2002 at 12:01 AM CST:
He only briefly appears in two panels on the opening page of the #4 comic, but he opens up some interesting possibilities. Previously, we had known that MATORANS which were tan and black could be found in both ONU-KORO and PO-KORO, but given how similar the elements of Earth and Stone are, that seemed somewhat logical. Now here we have what looks like an ONU-KORONAN wearing a KANOHI that's distinctly TA-KORONAN. In direct contrast, however, the only blurring of these lines that we've seen with any the other three elements is the fact that dark-grey has been used for both ONU-KORONANS and KO-KORONANS. Well, except for TAKUA, who defies all logic by being a cross between Fire and Water.

Of course, comic book coloration can sometimes be hard to decipher, and the more I look at it, the more I'm thinking that maybe this character is supposed to be built using dark-grey parts instead of black ones. Still, he looks kinda cool in black, and the only other new MATORAN that I've found in any of the comics requires both a KANOHI and legs that don't exist.

Anyways, this MATORAN can be built with the torso and arms from ONEPU, the legs from either a NUHVOK VA or the CD-pack HAFU, and a red PAKARI.

Cannister front