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Who is your favorite Toa?


One Who Inspects
Posted by Purple_Dave on May 13, 2002 at 12:01 AM CST:
This character shows up in the tunnel to LE-KORO after you've cleared the path to the Lightstone Mine, where he can be seen looking at some sort of data device one screen before you get to where TAIPU is working. It also appears that he's one of the four MATORANS on strike prior to the reopening of the Lightstone Mine. While his KAKAMA does appear like it might be dark-grey in that shot, he is holding a torch right next to his head, which should account for the odd look of his MASK. His twin brother can be found working in the left side of the Lightstone Mine, also after you've cleared the path. There are also three similar looking characters just standing around the tunnel opening once TAIPU breaks through to LE-KORO, but it's hard to tell if they've got black KAKAMA or dark-grey KAKAMA.

Oh, and an interesting goof regarding this character is that if you stand next to TAIPU before he breaks through to LE-KORO and look back down the tunnel, you can see this overseer looking at his pad...and wearing a PAKARI.

To build this character, you'll need to swap ONEPU's legs with black ones from a NUHVOK VA or HAFU from the CD-pack, and then give him a black KAKAMA.

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