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Who is your favorite Toa?


One Who Builds
Posted by Purple_Dave on May 3, 2002 at 12:01 AM CST:
At present, LEGO? has produced MAKU and HAFU, but the other five members of the KINI-NUI team have not been touched. TAKUA is somewhat buildable, though not in his original colors. KAPURA is easy to take care of. TAMARU will require a turquiose body and arms, and light-green legs to look anything approaching correct, and KOPEKE will require a sand-blue KOMAU. That leaves TAIPU.

But wait! In the MNOLG, TAIPU is identical to the MATORAN that comes with the CD-pack, and HAFU is a bit different. I checked with Leah, and HAFU really is supposed to wear a black RURU like he appears in the CD-pack. That means that the MNOLG is incorrect on that count, kinda like how TAKUA's colors got all flipped around. Of course, since we've never seen any other version of TAIPU, as far as my collection is concerned I'm pretending that he's really the CD-pack MATORAN, and that HAFU is as shown in the MNOLG. There are two ways to build this one. You can either drop the $15 on another CD-pack and swap the RURU for a black PAKARI (which is what I did, as it has the advantage of giving you a spare black RURU for your KANOHI collection...and it was the only way possible at that time) or you can track down a HUKI, swap the legs with the black NUHVOK VA ones, and then give him that black PAKARI. The latter method is cheaper but not as easy to pull off these days, since you have to track down that pesky HUKI set.

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