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Official Story On The PC Game
Posted by Purple_Dave on October 19, 2001 at 10:01 PM CST:
The rumors that were reported to me included large numbers of programming bugs, inability to meet LEGO® quality standards, and, rather disgustingly, possible similarities to the WTC disaster. The WTC link is completely untrue, and whatever sick individuals thought it would be amusing to start spreading that sort of rumor really need to stop. Anyways, here's the official word from Michael:

"The LEGO® Software division has decided it will not release the previously communicated and much anticipated LEGO® BIONICLE™: The Legend of Mata Nui PC CD-ROM game. The LEGO® Company is committed to producing only the highest quality products for children, and as a result of several issues in development on the title - including chip compatibility and timing - they will not move forward in finishing the game. BIONICLE™ has become an extremely strong property since its launch in June, and the decision to cancel the PC title also reflects our commitment to maintaining the strength, longevity and value of the BIONICLE™ property with only the best in product offerings. LEGO® BIONICLE™: Quest for the Toa for Game Boy™ Advance has been released and currently is topping video game sales charts in its first few weeks. Future BIONICLE™ software titles are planned - likely for console or hand-held gaming systems."

So there you have it. There is no PC game still in the works, which ought to make die-hard Mac users a bit happier, since they wouldn't be able to play it anyways. I'm a bit concerned about the concept of releasing console games, since I've never really gotten into the whole console gaming scene. Currently the only game consoles that I own are a pair of Atari 2600's. Yes, I have two of them. (It's a long story) And I doubt we'll be seeing any BIONICLE™ cartidges for them...
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