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Who is your favorite Toa?


Posted by Purple_Dave on September 13, 2001 at 09:19 PM CST:

This TOHUNGA is the oddest of the group, in a few different ways. She is the only Happy Meal TOHUNGA that does not have the same MASK shape as her assocciated TOA or as is pictured on her disc. She is also the only one that has the same color scheme as her TOA instead of having one matching color and one that doesn't.

This is the second TOHUNGA, along with HAFU, to come with a TURAGA MASK formed in TOA colors. I rather hope the trend will continue, since maybe it will mean that more of the Euro variants might see full-scale production.

It seems a bit odd to release this set third instead of fourth. The three parts for one of the 3-unit combiners are sets 1, 2, and 4, while the three parts for the other 3-unit combiner are 3, 5, and 6, which means you have to wait a few more days to build the first combiner.

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