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Who is your favorite Toa?


Posted by Purple_Dave on June 20, 2002 at 11:54 AM CST:

Okay, so the base looks pretty similar to the original ONUA, but the legs have been replaced with ones that look armored (no, they don't bend at the knee), the hips have been flipped outwards (thus making him a bit shorter at the shoulder), he's got BOHROK limbs for arms, and hip-joints for hands, three pieces of armor encase his torso (mounted by plus-rod tips, chainsaws for weapons, and he's got a new KANOHI NUVA stuck to his face. Oh yeah, and his head is mounted directly to the armor. Unfortunately, this means that when he takes his armor off, he's going to be forced to carry his head around Sleepy-Hollow-style. The final result looks more stooped than Onua, due to how short the arms are. While the chainsaws give greater reach than the claws, you have to bend his wrist over at a painfull-looking angle or they don't even have as much as ONUA. Also, since the weapon is mounted to a ball-jointed hand, a hard strike with these will probably cause the hand to pivot back towards the bicep, thus flipping the chainsaws up against his shoulder. This shouldn't be a problem against RAHI, but if they ever have to face a BOHROK (or perhaps a BOHROK NUVA?) again, ONUA NUVA is at a severe disadvantage because of this. Still, the armor looks pretty impressive, and I'm sure a lot of people will find uses for it when making MOCs.

One of the more interesting aspects is that the chainsaws can double as rollerblades when he chooses flight over fight. There are a pair of pins stuck into his heels that are used to lock the rollerblades into his feet.

This is probably the coolest feature of the TOA NUVA design. ONUA NUVA has the same double-arm attack that ONUA does, but if you just feel like sticking him on a shelf in an interesting pose, they show you a neat trick in the instruction book that will help lock the arms into position. You can remove the #3 plus-rod and gear from the left arm and stick them into the lower back, which holds the large gear on the upper back from moving and thus locks the right shoulder in whatever position you chose. To reattach the left arm, they include one of those black friction plus/pin combos that also came in the BOHROK VA sets, and you can use that to reattach his left shoulder like how LEWA's is attached. Only this pin will hold the pose instead of dropping limply to his side.

The can that they ship in has two pieces of cover art. Looking at it from the front, you've got the LEGO? logo at the bottom, directly above that is the tiny ONUA NUVA symbol, to the left is ONUA NUVA standing below the BIONICLE? logo and wielding the chainsaws, and to the right is ONUA NUVA riding the rollerblades with that famous "double-B" symbol in the corner. The other third of the can is taken up with the usual packaging notifications, like choke-hazard warnings, "Made In" info, piece count, and the barcode.

And here's something kinda cool. The can top has eight mounts, so you can use it to store all of the KRANA they had to collect before they could become the TOA NUVA! There's also a round peg-hole directly in the center, and in the image on the left you can see the tiny sticker they placed over it to keep any of the plus-rods from falling out. I did check, and there's no way to snap this KANOHI NUVA onto the center hub without using other pieces, unlike the molded-in TOA face on the TOA can tops.

Cannister front