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No PC Game, But Maybe X-Box?
Posted by Purple_Dave on October 21, 2001 at 01:50 PM CST:
So, LEGO? is working with Microsquish. Probably not the sort of news that Mac users wanted to hear, given how little Mac support LEGO? currently provides as it is. (Fortunately for me, my choice of home computer was driven entirely by being able to play Star Wars computer games...)

Anyways, I searched around on the Net, and while I was able to find dozens of confirmations to the news that LEGO? is signed on for X-Box development, I was not able to find any list of titles they might be producing. Since we were just told that BIONICLE? might show up in console game format, this does lend a bit of legitimacy to this theory. I was also able to find news that LEGO? and Nintendo have not come to an agreement yet for GameCube development, which suggests that they have at least talked about the concept. Personally, I don't mind seeing a GBA game, since the GBA unit runs a mere $90, but I'm not thrilled with the idea of having to go out and drop $300 on a game console just to play one or two games on it. Worse yet, since they were planning to release the VAHI MASK exclusively with the recently-cancelled PC game, it's not unlikely that they might pack exclusive MASKS in with some of the more prominent console-style games.

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