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New S@H Catalog Arrives
Posted by Purple_Dave on September 14, 2001 at 10:10 PM CST:
The cover is devoted to Harry Potter, and you have to turn to page eight to find a page without any HP stuff shown. I doubt that I'll ever collect the line much, if at all, but there's some pretty sweet stuff for MOC builders. They've built a new XL minifig for the Hagrid character, which includes 2-stud feet, sculpted fingers on the hands, and stands possibly half an inch taller than the standard minifig. There's a three-headed dog for Greco-Roman mythology fans. (Fetch the stick, Cerberus! Good boy!) There's four or five new hair pieces, a purple turban, an owl, a tiny dragon, a frog, and books that open. There's also a ton of new Castle pieces, including spiral staircase steps, doors with keyholes, and keys that fit into them! Oh yeah, and that Snape guy has a glow-in-the-dark head. There's also a train, though it unfortunately doesn't run on the train tracks.

You can now order the Metroliner (#10001) and Railroad Club Car (#10002) as part of the LEGENDS series. I'm not sure what the story here is, but the Armada Flagship, Enchanted Island, and Red Beard Runner from the PIRATES line are all back, but they're using their original numbers instead of the 10000+ from the LEGENDS series.

For all you TOWN fans, they've got a new Community Workers minifig pack with...thirty...minifigs. What the monkey's job is, I don't know, but he's in there too. There's also a 172pc. set of Traffic Signs. There's also a McD's drivethru set. (Oh, and the customer is driving up with a $100 bill, cause we all know that every McD's will be just so thrilled to make change when you buy a hamburger...)

There's a few Christmas ornaments, using authentic LEGO? pieces for detail.

They've added a Passenger Car, Hopper Car, and Tank Car to the TRAIN repertoire. There's also what looks to be a new Freight & Crane Railway, and a new track kit with over 45' of track.

The only significant changes to the BIONICLE? section are that the CCG decks have been collected with the regular sets, and there's a T-shirt sporting the same image as the promotional buttons that many toystore employees can be seen wearing. Oh yeah, and that new package deal that we posted two days ago.

Longtime TECHNIC fans will be pleased to see a couple of old-style sets come back, including some pieces that haven't been produced in years (toothed half-bushings anyone?)

Mindstorms fans can now harness nature to power their creations with the new Solar Cell and Capacitor kits. Too bad I can't run my MANAS with them...

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