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New Catalog Pics
Posted by Purple_Dave on December 14, 2001 at 08:22 PM CST:
The first scan shows the cover, with what appears to be a new bit of logo artwork, combining the red HAU with one of the upcoming KRANA. On the right side, we see the red BOHROK hefting a gold HAU in the foreground, and an action sequence showing the red BOHROK leaping off a cliff and then squaring off against TAHU, who has traded in his KANOHI for one of the KRANA.

On page 2, we see a familiar image from the back of the third comic book, with a horde of the red BOHROK ready to do battle. This time, however, there is a nice closeup of the red BOHROK's KRANA at top and an inset showing a the red BOHROK rolled into a ball, just like was originally shown on the TRUTH 'Podburster' pic.

Next, we have page three (left image). The left side of the page (center image) contains detail shots of the BOHROK action feature, a KRANA being removed from the BOHROK head and being placed on a TOA face, and a pod, similar to the TOA cannister, with the red BOHROK inside. If it looks familiar, it should. That's the same type of pod that is shown in the TRUTH pic, and in the background of the page 2 scan. Once again, the packaging serves as part of the story.

The middle section (right image) shows the six BOHROK, but the names are matched by color. In the standard 2002 catalog, none of the prefixes and colors match. I'll be looking into this to find out which catalog is correct. Anyways, this one has the added bonus of showing each BOHROK with the eight KRANA that they will need to collect. Yes, eight. If it seems kinda rude to bump the number from six to eight, remember that with the KANOHI packs, we actually had to collect twelve different types, so the total number has dropped from 72 to 48. Still, it's going to hurt the pocket a bit...

The right section of the page contains the following text, written in English, French, and Spanish:

The TOA believed their battle had been won ... they were wrong. Now swarms of fierce, insect-like creatures called BOHROK have appeared, using their powers to destroy MATA NUI. Only the TOA can hope to solve the dreaded mystery of the BOHROK -- but will they survive long enough to learn the terrible secret of the swarms?

I didn't think that MAKUTA would be defeated so quickly, but that bit of text certainly suggests that he's not going to be hanging around much longer.

Finally, on page four, we see a ghosted image of TAHU garbed in the EXO-TOA which will be released this summer. I did check the URL listed on this page, but it's not hooked up yet.

Cannister front