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Who is your favorite Toa?


Posted by Purple_Dave on June 24, 2002 at 09:07 PM CST:

Here you can see comparison pics of ONUA and ONUA NUVA. As you can see, ONUA NUVA is considerably bulkier pretty much everywhere (including the shins and hips), a bit taller, and his head sticks out quite a bit more. Oh, and his arms shrunk. A lot.

Here's a closeup of ONUA NUVA's MASK, and at the request of one of our readers, a pair of comparison shots. Unlike the PAKARI, which was my second favorite KANOHI shape, I'm not nearly as pleased with this KANOHI NUVA. I look at the eight KRANA shapes, and I can see how they all need to have a similar shape, so they can fit in the brainpans, but there's still quite a bit of variety between them all. Here, the KANOHI NUVA worn by ONUA NUVA, POHATU NUVA, and LEWA NUVA all have a similar profile, with large folds running around the edges. They all look like variations on the same theme, while the other three KANOHI NUVA have vastly different designs. Anyways, on the comparison shots, you can see that the ONUA NUVA MASK is not significantly larger than ONUA's PAKARI (as most of it can be hidden behind a PAKARI), but the folds create an illusion of extremely large size. The side profile is even closer in size to the PAKARI's than the front profile. One thing to note, however, is that the walls of this KANOHI NUVA are considerably more rigid than those of the PAKARI, though they don't actually appear to be significantly thicker.

And lastly, as I mentioned before, the NUVA SUVA (or would that be a SUVA NUVA?) looks tailor-made to display a KRANA collection.

Cannister front