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NUVA Reach The Land Of The Mouse
Posted by Perry on August 11, 2002 at 12:09 AM CST:
Apparently, LEGO? has decided to help fans in Florida build their BIONICLE? collections from the ground up. The first two TOA NUVA to reach the LEGO? Imagination Center at Downtown Disney are POHATU NUVA and ONUA NUVA. The store has introduced each at US$8.95, a slight upturn in price. The KANOHI NUVA seem quite a bit larger than the original KANOHI, but much of this is an illusion caused by the fins and other projections.

Oh, and the original TOA still in stock there have gone on sale for US$4.95.

No word on when the KANOHI NUVA or the other four TOA NUVA will be released.

Cannister front