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NUVA McNuggets?
Posted by Purple_Dave on December 13, 2002 at 07:15 PM CST:
Welcome to the BIONICLE?: Toa Nuva Reconstruct Trading Card Game ? your chance to build a Toa Nuva!

With the Bahrag twins defeated and the Bohrok scourge banished from the island of Mata Nui, the six Toa enter the next stage of their evolution. Descending into subterranean cocoons of swirling power, the island?s protectors emerge as the new and more powerful Toa Nuva. While the Toa Nuva retain the elemental powers of their previous form, they are also augmented with powerful new tools, strong and lightweight body armor, and Kanohi Nuva. In the BIONICLE?: Toa Nuva Reconstruct Trading Card Game, players help the Toa Nuva overcome their first challenge.

The Matoran Islanders are hard at work repairing the damage left in the wake of the Bohrok swarms, and the Toa Nuva emerge from underground to help. Suddenly, the sky grows dark as the haunting laughter of Makuta echoes across the landscape. Lightning flashes, and the wind howls and intensifies. Wind funnels appear all over the island, causing trouble wherever they alight. Slowly but surely, the small wind funnels coalesce into six massive twisters and begin to move less randomly. Soon their target is clear ? the Toa Nuva.

Although they seek to use their newfound powers, the Toa Nuva are no match for the elemental fury of the gigantic wind funnels. One by one, the funnels strike the Toa Nuva, pulling them apart and scattering their pieces all over the landscape. With the Toa Nuva momentarily defeated, the funnels dissipate as quickly as they appeared. If the Toa Nuva are not quickly reconstructed, Mata Nui will be defenseless against Makuta?s evil.

The first player to build their Toa Nuva by collecting all 7 parts wins the game.

Part Cards ?
Each player chooses the Toa Nuva they will build during the game and starts with their Toa Nuva?s 7 Part Cards.

Game Action Cards ?
Game Action Cards are used by players to build their own Toa Nuva and stop their opponent from building their Toa Nuva.

1. Place the game mat between both players.

2. Separate the Part Cards and Game Action Cards into separate piles.

3. You and your opponent each choose 1 Toa Nuva to build. If you both want to play the same Toa Nuva, play Rock-Paper-Scissors to determine who gets to choose first. This is who you?ll be playing during the game. Split up the Part Cards so that you have all 7 of your Toa Nuva?s Part Cards.

4. Place your Part Cards face up on the game mat in the space that looks like this:

5. Shuffle the Game Action Cards and place them face down in the space indicated on the game mat. Both players will draw from the same Game Action draw pile.

6. Each player draws 3 cards from the Game Action draw pile.

7. Play Rock-Paper-Scissors to determine who goes first.

Step 1: At the start of your turn, draw 1 Game Action Card.

Step 2: During your turn, you are allowed to play 1 Game Action Card.

Game Action Cards do 1 of 3 things. The icons on the bottom of the card determine what the card does:

1. If the Game Action Card shows a Toa Nuva part, you can add this part to the Toa Nuva you are building. For example, if you play this card, you can add a Left Leg, a Right Leg, or a Tool. You can only add 1 part per card. Let?s say you choose to add a Left Leg. Find the Left Leg Part Card in your Part Card draw pile and place it on the game mat in the space that matches. When you have filled all 7 spaces, you have built your Toa Nuva and won the game.

IMPORTANT: Although the Kanohi Nuva and Tool pictured on the Game Action Cards are Tahu?s, these icons represent the Kanohi Nuva and Tool of ANY Toa Nuva.

2. If the Game Action Card shows a Toa Nuva part with an X over it, you can force your opponent to put back that part of his Toa Nuva. For example, if you play this card, you can force your opponent to remove a Head or Kanohi Nuva. You choose which one he removes, but you can only choose 1. If your opponent doesn?t have the part, nothing happens. Don?t play this type of card if you don?t have one that matches a part that your opponent has played. Let?s say you choose to have your opponent remove his Kanohi Nuva. Your opponent takes the Kanohi Nuva Part Card off its space and returns it to his Part Card draw pile.

3. If the Game Action Card shows a stop sign, you can use the card to stop your opponent from using his Game Action Card. Wait until your opponent plays his Game Action Card. You can then play this card to stop whatever your opponent was trying to do. His turn is over and he must discard his card like normal (see Step 3). You discard this card and start your turn (see Step 1) but instead of drawing 1 card, you draw 2 cards.

Step 3: Discard the Game Action Card you just played into the space indicated on the game mat. Game Action Cards are discarded face up.

Step 4: It?s now your opponent?s turn, beginning with Step 1.

Each Game Action Card has one of five distinct colors. At the start of each turn, before you draw a card, you can choose to not play a Game Action Card. Instead, you can discard 1 Game Action Card. You can then go through the Game Action discard pile and choose 1 Game Action Card of the same color as the card you just discarded and put it in your hand. Your turn is then over.

You can play the BIONICLE?: Toa Nuva Reconstruct Trading Card Game with your Toa Nuva figure.

Disassemble your figure so that it matches the 7 parts that are found on the Part Cards. You should have the following parts: Left Leg, Right Leg, Left Arm, Right Arm, Head, Kanohi Nuva, and Tool.

Use the oval area below the Game Action draw and discard piles as your construction space. You start the game by placing your Toa Nuva?s torso in this space. As you add parts, connect them to your Toa Nuva. If your opponent forces you to remove a part, disconnect it from your Toa Nuva.

The first player to completely rebuild his Toa Nuva wins the game.

Make sure to check out for more information on the BIONICLE?: Toa Nuva Reconstruct Trading Card Game!

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