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Who is your favorite Toa?


Posted by Purple_Dave on August 9, 2001 at 06:59 PM CST:
Like all of the current RAHI sets, you get two different models in this one. I'm not sure if they are supposed to be birds or bugs, but they look more buglike, as the trans-blue RURU MASKS look like gigantic eyes. Besides coloring, the only difference between the two is that the orange one has a proboscis made from a GALI hook, and the light green one has an upside-down ONUA claw instead. I find that I prefer the GALI hook as it resembles a mosquito proboscis.

The abdominal section is used as a handle and there is a small bar between the thorax and the abdomen that is used as a trigger. When you push the bar forward with your thumb, the wings swing forward fast enough to hit with a loud snap, even though they sit three inches apart if you hold the trigger bar forward. As MASK smackers go, they are pretty weak as the main length of the 'wings' is a very flexible rubbery plastic. The plus side is that the MASKS are fairly well guarded by the proboscis and the clawed arms.

Large scorpion-shaped beasties, the NUI-JAGA have a very odd distinction. They are the only current pair of RAHI that have no physical differences beyond color. All of the pieces are the same shape between the two models. The cooler looking one is purple with yellow eyes, and the less cool looking one is pastel blue with red eyes. Why is it less cool looking? Why, because it's not purple, of course!

Beneath the tail there is a small handle, and protruding from the belly between the legs is a trigger mechanism. This design works similar to a gun, except for the end result. You pull the trigger with your index finger which causes the face to tuck under a bit and the stinger to slam down right in front of the head. This attack is much more powerful than the NUI-RAMA's, but the MASKS are very exposed filling the role of scorp pincers. Due to the trigger mechanism and the handle, the six legs don't actually touch the ground unless you flip the leg-racks upside down. (To do this, find the dark grey mounting bracket between the front and middle legs on each rack. Pull it loose from the black mounting pins and switch the leg-racks with each other. The legs should all be pointing up at this point. Spin each leg so it points down, and now they should all be able to touch the ground.)

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