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My Kingdom For A VAHI...
Posted by Purple_Dave on March 2, 2002 at 08:59 AM CST:
If you were actually planning to go to such an extreme length to get yours, you'll be thrilled to hear this.

MoD reader Marlene Spears pointed out that Dimensioneer posted a message on stating that you can buy them at for a mere $1.99! I checked the ToyWiz site, and it is indeed listed there.

UPDATE: MoD readers Ben and Zach wrote in to point out that I made a mistake about availability. It turns out that you get it FREE with purchase of $25 of BIONICLE? product (which should still include the card game), or if you don't want anything else you can just pay $1.99 per VAHI. However, there is still a catch. MoD reader Perry wrote in saying that ToyWiz has a $9 minimum for all orders, so if all you want is the VAHI, you'd need to order five.

UPDATE 2: Well, that was quick. MoD reader Thecankankanohi wrote in to point out that the VAHI is no longer listed at ToyWiz.

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