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More GALIDOR™ And New Catalog
Posted by Mark on March 20, 2002 at 10:02 PM CST:
There is nothing new for BIONICLE™ in the latest LEGO® Shop At Home Late Spring 2002 catalog, which I received the day before Spring offically arrived. But it does include information that Purple Dave did not put in his GALIDOR™ preview article.

First of all, don't be like me and forget to click on the GALIDOR thumbnail to Purple Dave's article. That is where the pictures are! If you click on the thumbnail above, you will see GORM and JENS in addition to EURIPIDES. Lesson of the day: click on the thumbnails!

Next, there are four basic figure models: NICK BLUETOOTH, GORM, JENS, and EURIPIDES. Each is about 8" tall, give or take an inch and a half. Each is about 12 pieces. Each costs about $10.

There are two "DELUXE" models: NICK BLUETOOTH and GORM. Each has 15 pieces and costs about $15. Finally, there are two other models: OONI and NEPOL AND SHIMMEL. Each has just under 30 pieces and costs about $20.

Now, I know this is hard to believe, but there are people out there who do not like BIONICLE. I have never met one, but I have read about them. They usually don't like BIONICLE for three reasons: 1) they are "action figures", 2) they have "specialized" pieces, and 3) they have low piece counts. Since GALIDOR trumps BIONICLE on all three of these, I don't think GALIDOR will be appealing to those folks either.

What might appeal to the "classic" crowd though is SPIDER-MAN™. The web-slinger also debuts in this catalog. True, he is an action figure Superhero, but he is also a traditional minifigure and part of the LEGO STUDIOS line.

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