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Mecha And Cattle And Birdies, Oh My...
Posted by Purple_Dave on June 11, 2002 at 07:58 PM CST:
First of all, the main webpage has a new story update, where TAKUA interviews VAKAMA about the BOHROK. There's not much there that we haven't heard before, but now it's truly official, for those few of you who aren't happy with hearing it from MoD or other fan sites, even though it's usually from an official source.

Thanks to MoD readers Master Tahnok, Takua11, Tukawetse, Zeldafan67616, Revloisparr, Xavier, Saturdayman1210, Durk Faber, and Richard Ruble for that news.

Next, the BOXOR, EXO-TOA, and BAHRAG sets are now available online through S@H.

Thanks to MoD readers Twiddle27, Brendax Kade, Jeremy0629, Gundamkid87, and EvanBean7 for that info.

And finally, LEGO? Club exclusive instructions for two animals have been added to the Build It section. The first one is the familiar MATA NUI COW, which was previously published as the MUKAU in the January/February 2002 issue of the LEGO? Mania Magazine (now just "LEGO? Magazine"). This model can be build with one POHATU and one GALI. The second one is the DIKAPI, which is an ostrich-like bird that can be built with one POHATU and one ONEWA. Some of you who frequent BZC might remember both designs, and might also notice something amusing about both of the "nature" photos...

Thanks to MoD readers Zeldafan67616, Caleb Kester, and FindthePower88 for that tip.

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