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McD's Activities
Posted by Purple_Dave on September 7, 2001 at 06:44 PM CST:
The McD's website has various BIONICLE? related activities here. They've got a Shockwave version of the free RAHI CHALLANGE comic book, and a snowball game that appears like it might be a preview of what the GBA game will have to offer, since it's designed to use four-way controls to produce eight-way movement. You play one of four TOHUNGA (you are Red, and the others are Green, Blue, and Yellow) and have to pummel the other three characters with snowballs until they're so covered in snow that they roll around helpless. It seems to keep track of how many hits everyone makes, but not every hit causes snow to stick, and the winner is determined by who's left standing, not by total hits. To make things more interesting, throwing snowballs causes you to slide around on the icy surface of the arena, and there are four rocks in the middle that you can bump into.

Also, here is a picture of the two BIONICLE? related sides of the Happy Meal box, and an inset of the bottom surface where it shows how to attach the MATORO punch-out to a drinking straw. UPDATE: Next to it is a picture of the front cover of the hardcopy RAHI Challenge comic book that can be obtained free at McDonald's. UPDATE 2: The next image is of the INFECTED HAU Happy Meal box. Thanks go out to Golden Kanohi and Gideon Slife for pointing this out to me, since if I hadn't known about this other box I probably would have just bought the toys as a cost-cutting measure.

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