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Market Watch: The Olda, The NUVA, And The Cheapa
Posted by Purple_Dave on November 6, 2002 at 05:56 PM CST:
Now that they've been discontinued, Kay-Bee Toys (aka: K-B Toys, K-B Toy Outlet) is stocking the original TOA for the sale price of $5.99, but even more interesting is that they are selling all non-sale LEGO? sets for 20% off through Sunday, November 24th. Currently, the only non-sale sets at my local store are the TOA NUVA, and the sale price knocks them down to $6.39 before tax, which is the cheapest I've seen them so far.

Note: If the price tag has been marked out and a new price has been hand-written with red ink, it's already "on sale" and you won't get the 20% off.

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