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Market Watch: KAL In The UK
Posted by Purple_Dave on January 18, 2003 at 06:33 PM CST:
For all of you UK fans, MoD reader 810HA2ARD points out that Argos has listed three BOHROK-KAL 2-packs for sale. Unfortunately, it seems that you can't choose which 2-pack to get. Hopefully if you order three of them they'll give you one of each. Interestingly, they listed them as "Bohrok Kai".

UPDATE: MoD reader Lupus says he ordered three 2-packs, and the ones he received were all NUHVOK-KAL/KOHRAK-KAL. If you want to be sure exactly what you're going to be getting, I would highly suggest ordering by phone (0870-600-2020) if you can.

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