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Market Watch: "Home" Schooling
Posted by Mark on September 12, 2002 at 10:28 AM CST:
Update: The #K8533 kit's price has been corrected to $47.94 both online and on the phone. Make a note of it in your catalog if you usually order by mail. The following text is the (now out-of-date) original post.

I have been in contact with LEGO? Consumer Services about the following and I will post additional information as soon as it is available. Until then, caveat emptor!

On page 39 of the Fall 2002 LEGO? SHOP AT HOME catalog, the "Find the Power" BIONICLE? kit #K8533 is advertised as including all six TOA, three TURAGA "FREE", plus a "FREE" BIONICLE poster, ("A $65.88 value!"), for the "Special" price of $56. The kit is also listed on for the US shopping cart.

The problem is that six TOA at $7.99 plus three TURAGA at $2.99 come to a total of $56.91. That "Special" price is saving you only $0.91 on those three TURAGA ? and that certainly is not "FREE". What is more, you can see the value of the kit is over-valued by $8.97 ? the equivalent of three additional TURAGA.

My best guess as to what went wrong is that the original kit was to offer you three free TURAGA with the purchase of all six TOA and the other three TURAGA, but then WHENUA sold out and messed everything up.

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