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Market Watch: FIKOU, NUVA, and Posters
Posted by Mark on May 5, 2003 at 08:40 AM CST:
The promotional 1441 FIKOU spider is starting to show up on eBay with some regularity now. This one sold for a mere $49.00, down from $150 in the previous auction. This one was only $15.00 at the time of this writing. For a sure thing, head on over to BrickLink where they can be found for as little as $35. Of course, if all you want is the spider and not the 1441 bag, the FIKOU is one of the models you can build from the BIONICLE? Master Builder Set available from LEGO? Shop-At-Home for just $12.99.

Over at BZPower, The LEGO? Company is giving away the TOA NUVA displays from the LEGO? Kiosks. The displays are free, but shipping and handling is going to be around $150 in the US and more elsewhere.

And here at Mask of Destiny, I'm still giving away posters and book covers. The posters are free and the shipping is considerably less than $150. If you have already sent in for a poster, please be patient with me. I promise you that they are still on their way to you.
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