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Market Watch: Digital Discounts
Posted by Purple_Dave on November 30, 2002 at 09:00 PM CST:
As pointed out by MoD reader Capyberra, TRU's online store has a variety of really nice deals right now. Some of the RAHI have received nice discounts, similar to those seen in the brick-n-mortar stores. For instance, the NUI-JAGA are listing for $19.97.

Also listing for low prices are the NUI-RAMA ($9.97), the TARAKAVA ($29.97), and the MANAS ($69.98). Unfortunately, these three sets are all listing as out of stock/discontinued, and since the TOA and TURAGA are confirmed as being discontinued, ordering these three is probably a waste of time.

Another tasty deal is a NUHVOK/PAHRAK/GAHLOK 3-pack for $12.48, though considering how the BOHROK KAITA groupings work, I'm not sure why GAHLOK is included instead of TAHNOK.

Finally, you can now get all six BOHROK VA for a measly $9.98. Considering how hard they are to find these days, getting them for just over half price is a pretty sweet deal, even after you add S&H.

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