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Market Watch: CD Weirdness
Posted by Purple_Dave on June 30, 2003 at 10:21 PM CST:
Okay, so I've got 29 RAHKSHI right now, and I've opened 23 of them (I've left one of each flavor unopened for photography purposes). Here's what I found:

I've opened 3 KURAHK, and they all came with LERAHK mini-CDs.
I've opened 6 LERAHK, and they all came with KURAHK mini-CDs.
I've opened 3 GUURAHK, and they all came with TURAHK mini-CDs.
I've opened 3 PANRAHK, and they all came with GUURAHK mini-CDs.
I've opened 3 VORAHK, and they all came with...well, VORAHK mini-CDs (these are the only ones that were properly matched).
And finally, I've opened 5 TURAHK, and I don't have any PANRAHK mini-CDs, so I think this is where I would have gotten them, if I was able to find any TURAHK with mini-CDs yet.

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