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Market Watch: Buy One...At A Different Price...Than What It Says...Maybe
Posted by Purple_Dave on May 20, 2003 at 11:59 PM CST:
K-Mart is running the most unusual LEGO? sale I've ever seen. All sets from $7.88-$9.99 are being sold for $7.00, and all sets at $19.99 are $15. That's it, though. Everything else is regular price. That does, however, mean that you can pick up BOHROK-KAL, TOA NUVA, and maybe even the original BOHROK a bit cheaper, and if you've been holding off on buying the RACERS motorcycles because they aren't quite cheap enough, well, you might be able to pick up the Extreme Power Bike a bit cheaper (I have yet to see any of the other three at my local K-Mart, and I've never seen more than two on any shelf at the same time, though I have found all four).

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