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Market Watch: BOHROK PENS At LEGO? Kiosks
Posted by Mark on December 3, 2002 at 10:35 PM CST:
I picked up the three BOHROK PENS you see above at my nearest LEGO? Kiosk way back on Monday, November 25th. I have been meaning to post a review ever since then, but like the cruise ships I have been sidelined with a Norwalk-like virus. In fact, I'm planning on taking a week off to be thoroughly disinfected and steam-cleaned at least four times. But back to the pens.

Each pen includes a selection of beads which can be added or removed to the upper-half of the pen. The most interesting "bead" is the combination of a "head" bead with a MINI-KRANA. Each BOHROK PEN includes one of these MINI-KRANA, unique in design and color. Fortunately, all of the LEHVAK pens have a red CA, all of the TAHNOK pens have a blue ZA, etc. so when you have collected all six pens you have also collected all six MINI-KRANA. Here I have included a comparison between the MINI-KRANA and their regular-size brethren.

In the standard configuration, the head and MINI-KRANA are protected by a flip-down BOHROK plate. Again, each BOHROK PEN gets its own color-coordinated BOHROK plate. The BOHROK VA also get in on the act, appearing on square beads. The BOHROK tools are each featured on square beads as well. Uniquely colored beads otherwise shared across the line include BOHROK legs, a map of MATA NUI, and the BOHROK scarab icon.

The pens include soft tri-grips which are very comfortable for writing. These grips are also uniquely patterned and colored to match each BOHROK theme. Each pen includes a special stand (in an appropriately coordinated metallic color) and comes in a clear half-cylinder suitable for display. The snap-on tops are translucent domes which are also color-coordinated. Collectors should note that the canisters are not sealed; there is no way to tell for certain if they have been opened or not.

Note that the pens are listed for ages 6+, and the small beads are a chocking hazard for the under-3 set. Lastly, the pens are a pricey $16.99 at the kiosks. They are not currently available from LEGO Shop At Home, where they will presumably sell for slightly less.

Cannister front