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Market Watch
Posted by Gregg on August 26, 2001 at 07:25 AM CST:
After digging through a messy haystack of recent closed auctions on eBay and sorting them by highest price first, some interesting trends appear.
So far it appears as though the KAUKAU masks are some of the consistantly higher priced masks, with the Red and Orange versions closing over $5.00 on a regular basis.
White HAU seems to be a hot item with regular closings in the 4-5 dollar range. In fact the highest price paid for a single regular issue mask in the last month or so was $7.50 for a white HAU.
Prices for Infected HAU have increased steadily from an average of around $15 to a solid demand at $20+.
On the upper end sales front, there were some staggering high prices paid for items recently! A single bidder paid of $516 dollars for 6 prototype masks from a seller in Israel! Yikes! These are in house prototypes like the ones which appeared in the recent Toyfare article with the numbers on the FRONT of the masks rather than inside. Time will tell if this was a smart buy or not, prices this high might well shake a few more of these out of the bushes.
The same seller seems to come up with some tantalizing items and lots, a group of 100 masks including several of the European error masks went for over 200 dollars.
The exclusive Copper Masks from Billund LEGOLAND? in Denmark close regularly for 50 to 60 dollars, despite the fact that they can be picked up for as little as $15 on BRICKBAY. Expect the prices on these to start sliding a little as the supply starts to meet demand.
The LEGOLAND? California exclusive Clear Flourescent Miru (like the one we are giving away!) is still a solid seller in the 10-20 dollar range.
The next hot items will be the Toys R Us exclusive Copper Mask of Victory and the McDonald's Happy Meal TOHUNGA with exclusive mystery masks. September is going to be GREAT for BIONICLE? collectors!

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