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Magazine, Comic #11 Arrive
Posted by Mark on March 18, 2003 at 01:48 PM CST:
It was not the first thing I noticed, but everyone should be pleased that the comic has returned to its larger size of 6?" x 10?" (170 mm x 260 mm). Given the amount of detail in this particular comic, it is a very welcome change (back) for the better.

This issue finds the TOA NUVA trying to stop the BOHROK-KAL from finding and freeing the BAHRAG, the twin BOHROK Queens. Only ONUA and POHATU meet with any success, and that success is only fleeting. In the end it seems that the BOHROK-KAL have won and all is lost, except ?.

There are many surprises within the comic, starting with TAHU NUVA leading a very large swarm of TAHNOK. We get to see one of the TOA NUVA KAITA and one of the BOHROK-KAL KAITA about to go at it. And the EXO-TOA make their glorious return, only to be summarily dispatched on the next page.

Like bookends, two surprise masks make their brief appearances. The Mask of Light shows up in the prologue and is called "a mask of power that even the TURAGA fear!" And at the other end of the story, just when all seems lost, TAHU NUVA pulls out a VAHI, the Mask of Time.

The centerfold reveals "The Secret of Silver." The KRANA-KAL transform to silver and weave a protective field of energy around the BOHROK-KAL when they have the opportunity to free the BAHRAG. This is important, because the BOHROK-KAL must bring a KRANA XA-KAL into contact with one of the BAHRAG to complete their mission. The powers of the other KRANA-KAL are also listed there:

CA-KAL: Can sense the presence of the BAHRAG, but only within a very limited range.

ZA-KAL: Communicate telepathically, read minds, and sense strong emotions.

VU-KAL: Grants great speed to the BOHROK-KAL.

JA-KAL: Can detect distant obstacles and enhance the senses.

BO-KAL: X-ray vision.

SU-KAL: Imparts great strength and endurance.

YO-KAL: Can sense underground movement and stress points within the earth.

On the inside back over is news about the MATA NUI 2 ONLINE GAME. "HAHLI is preparing for the ultimate koli ball championship? but a new menace to MATA NUI forces her to risk all to save her people. The adventure continues? !"

And of course, there is the back cover:

The first image is as it appears on the back cover of the comic. The second image is that same picture, only enhanced for visibility. If you did not know it before, you know it now: the RAHKSHI are coming!

Cannister front