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MINI-CDs Revisited And A Plea For Help
Posted by Mark on July 12, 2002 at 01:13 AM CST:
The above MINI-CD (part number 4154624) is labelled "ART853X, INCAN, 1.0, NA" in the inner ring. I can't speak to the "ART853X", but I do know that the remainder of the label has nothing to do with the native people of Peru but instead means that this MINI-CD is North American Version 1.0 distributed "IN" TOA "CAN"isters.

The interesting discovery I made is that each MINI-CD has a text file named "ident" in the root directory which describes the contents. For example, the ident of the above MINI-CD is "Bionicle InCan, 1.00, Americas". The full-color MINI-CD (available on eBay for under $2 here, shipping included!) has an ident of "Bionicle US Promotion CD, 1.00".

Are there other differences in content between the two? Yes. The full-color MINI-CD includes a movie of Andy Mac skateboarding in his BIONICLE™ garb, and there is also a "Best-of-the-TOA" compilation movie. These movies are not on the other discs.

The other black-and-white MINI-CD has an ident of "Bionicle, 1.00, International" and is otherwise almost identical in content to the black-and-white North American MINI-CD.

As you may recall, someone sent me a scan of a "golden" MINI-CD. I still don't have a part number for that particular MINI-CD. If you have one of the "golden" MINI-CDs, or any other BIONICLE MINI-CD with a part number other than 4154624, 4156338, or 4166538, then please send me the part number along with a description (or scan) of the MINI-CD's graphics and the contents of the "ident" file. I will pass along whatever I may learn.

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