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Who is your favorite Toa?


Long Overdue...
Posted by Purple_Dave on July 20, 2002 at 04:40 PM CST:

It's EVIL TAHU, the official mascot of! Well, okay, that was never official before, but it is now. This little guy has been places and done things that most MOCs never even dream of. I took him with me to my parents' house for Christmas. I took him on my trip to New York in February, and even got to strap him into the display model of the EXO-TOA at Toy Fair. (That so rocked. Thanks Brian!) I've used him as a model for quite a few weapon mounts, a watch, my own EXO-TOA, my prototype yellow HAU, a Darth Vader helmet, and probably one or two other things that I can't recall right now.

I've been told by a number of people that they built their own copy of him, and that he's usually stayed built the longest of any of the MOCs they've built. It's quite possible that he's the most recognizable BIONICLE? MOC anywhere on the internet by now. If you haven't already figured out how to build him, you can find the original instructions here.

A few people have asked me if I'm going to make EVIL TAHU NUVA. I very much doubt that I'll ever do that. First of all, LEGO? would need to produce a painted INFECTED KANOHI NUVA before I'd even consider it. Second, I'm not sure the whole NUVA concept is right for him. I don't really see him as an actual evil entity, but more of the crotchety sort. You know, complaining about having to do stuff, but still doing it anyways.

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