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Let's Go Fly A Kaita!
Posted by Mark on March 5, 2003 at 12:00 AM CST:
The BOHROK-KAL Kaita come in two varieties: the tall Kaita formed by joining KOHRAK-KAL, LEHVAK-KAL, and GAHLOK-KAL shown above, and the wide Kaita formed by joining NUHVOK-KAL, TAHNOK-KAL, and PAHRAK-KAL shown below.


Constructing the wide B-K Kaita is not much more than sticking three BOHROK-KAL together. Pay attention though because some pieces are flipped or moved slightly from the standard BOHROK design.

Two B-K bodies form the massive arms which add thrusting "claws" to the usual thrusting head attack. The relatively unmodified legs seem a bit overwhelmed by it all, especially when you realize that they have to bow out a bit to accomodate those big feet. One gets the feeling that if you can just avoid those claws, this BOHROK-KAL Kaita can be easily tipped over.

Other than the legs, the only obvious modification you might want to consider is replacing the size 5 axle in the middle of the left claw assembly with a matching size 3 that won't stick out. You might want to trade the brown "arms" for black on the left side too.

Note that the last two steps of this Kaita have errors. The body color mysteriously changes from black to brown in the next-to-last image, and the left and right claws have been swapped in the last picture.

And as long as we are talking about image mistakes, MoD reader Pat B. notes that GAHLOK-KAL and KOHRAK-KAL have swapped their back-side labels. The switch is seen in Step 3 of their instructions on how to display each rolled-up in their respective pods.


Unlike the wide B-K Kaita, the tall BOHROK-KAL Kaita shown above is almost a completely new building experience. You probably have not built anything like it before. Its attack feature is more of a collapse than an attack though, and you have to reset it yourself.

When I first built this Kaita, I thought I had left a step out because of the difficulty of getting the Kaita to stand up straight. The rubber bands on the sides tend to pull the top down to the bottom. It turns out, you just have to work patiently until you get the Kaita to stand up straight by itself and stay there.

This last picture puts the two Kaita together for comparison.

Overall, I found building both BOHROK-KAL Kaita models very enjoyable. I appreciate that they are so different from each other, yet still seem a fearsome pair.
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