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Let's Go Fly A Kaita! — Part 3
Posted by Mark on April 10, 2003 at 02:45 PM CST:
Just like the Kabaya TURAGA, there are only four Kabaya BOHROK VA: TAHNOK VA, NUHVOK VA, GAHLOK VA, and LEHVAK VA.

In a bit of unplanned synchronicity, BZPower recently posted a feature on these very same Kabaya BOHROK VA. Check it out to learn more about these Japanese sets, especially if you are interested in the candy contained within.

Unfortunately, neither of the two BOHROK VA KAITA with building instructions posted on can be built with just these four BOHROK VA. But when one door closes another one opens, and in this case a four-way combiner BOHROK VA Kaita walks right through it.

Unlike the unstable Kabaya TURAGA Kaita, this Kaita is very solid and easy to pose.

Thanks again to Makuta Nuva for sending me the instructions all the way from Japan!
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