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Latest S@H Catalog
Posted by Purple_Dave on January 8, 2003 at 09:24 PM CST:

Okay, we'll get the one actual new BIONICLE? product out of the way first. It's the latest CCG, called TOA NUVA Reconstruct. We knew that the TOA arrived on the shores of MATA NUI as six piles of loose pieces. Now we know that they can survive being rent asunder as well.

The next two sets are Jabba's Message (above left) and Quidditch Practice (above right). Jabba's Message comes with the first dark-grey TECHNIC? ball, as long as you don't mind the fact that it's got a funky mechanical eyeball painted on it. Quidditch Practice, while not technically a brand-new set, it recently came to my attention that this is the source for the first red TECHNIC? ball. Of particular note is that the MAHA from the MNOLG have these for eyes.

Finally, we get to the juiciest bit. The RACERS line presents us with a bunch of cool, mostly new pieces that come in four sets that will retail at a mere $9.99.

The first set (A) is the Nitro Stunt Bike, which base on the picture should come with two opaque blue BOHROK eyes, four blue 1x2 flat liftarms, two blue plus/pin combo pieces (can't tell which type from the image), and...a dark-blue TOA NUVA chest armor.

The Extreme Power Bike (B) is the new cheapest source for a pair of dark-grey GALI hooks, as well as coming with a pair of opaque red BOHROK eyes and what I believe to be the first tan #5 and #6 TECHNIC? panel fairings.

Next, the only one of these that I've actually seen in the store, the H.O.T. Blaster Bike (C) comes with two opaque orange BOHROK eyes (that's three confirmed new colors for one of the most popular new BIONICLE? pieces of 2002).

Finally, the Exo Force Bike (D) comes with four red 1x2 flat liftarms, a red THROWBOT? foot, and, although I believe these are the same ones that were released in the SNAPTRAX S45, it also contains four opaque silver BOHROK eyes. Of course, since the SNAPTRAX will set you back $70 for a single pair of them, this new set can get you a whopping 28 for the same price.

Also, each of the RACERS bikes comes with a pair of original BOHROK eyes. The Exo Force Bike has two TNG NUVHOK eyes for headlights, and the other three have red LEHVAK eyes for taillights.

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